ReGen Anti-Aging Formula Capsules 800mg

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ReGen is formulated to leverage the most recent insights into the Redox Theory of Aging, which holds that aging is an irreversible decline inadaptability due to compromised reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions in cellular systems. In the brain, redox homeostasis is recognized to be involved in all aspects of central nervous system development, function, aging, and disease. Recent studies have uncovered the diverse nature by which redox reactions and homeostasis contribute to brain physiology, and when dysregulated leads to pathological consequences. Redox reactions transcend what is commonly described as “oxidative stress” and involve distinct mechanisms linked to signaling and metabolism. In contrast to the nonspecific nature of oxidative damage, redox signaling involves specific oxidation/reduction reactions that regulate a wide array of neurological processes such as neurotransmission, homeostasis, and degeneration.